Known throughout California
CEC has a reputation for providing a full scope of sustainable solutions to respond to our clients' needs from initial feasibility studies and concept planning to design, project coordination, and administration. Our company is built on the philosophy that no one remembers competence...they remember excellence.


Customized Solutions
We pride ourselves in the ability to establish close working relationships and to develop mutual trust. Our project approach begins with a commitment to excellence in communication, extends to public outreach and dependable performance, and results in lasting relationships. Our portfolio includes a high percentage of repeat business with existing clients, demonstration satisfaction and value as well as an ability to craft custom solutions for a diversity of projects.


Experience and Service
CEC's combination of experience and service allows our clients to successfully navigate the complexities of sustainable growth in their communities. Our support is based on the understanding that "growth" doesn't always mean bigger. Our solutions for growth include helping our clients grow in time, grow in maturity, grow in technical expertise, grow in sophistication, grow in sustainability and grow in a variety of other ways. Ultimately, we help our clients grow in their ability to manage change or maintain stability - wherever their situation leads now and in the future.

With offices in California and corporate headquarters just north of Sacramento, CEC is strategically located to provide service throughout California and beyond. We are your solution to growth

David L. Swartz, PE, PLS
Chief Executive Officer
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